The Institute of Complementary Medicine IKOM integrates conventional and complementary medicine. The IKOM offers medical treatments in the following fields:

Anthroposophically extended Medicine
Neural Therapy

Outpatient service takes place at IKOM. Patients can be referred to IKOM either by a family doctor or by a clinician, or they can make an appointment themselves directly at IKOM.

The outpatient service of the IKOM is available for hospitalized patients of the Inselspital.

The doctors' services in all four fields, different medications, as for example mistletoe preparations, homoeotherapeutics and acupuncture are paid for by the basic health insurance. Further services in Anthroposophically extended Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine are reimbursed by the complementary insurance.

It is our intention to offer a competent team of doctors for questions in the field of complementary medicine.